Thursday, August 2, 2012

Medley Swimming Relay

There are 4 people in each team. This is because there are four different swimming strokes which are Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly and Freestyle. The competitors have to have these swimming styles in order otherwise they are disqualified. 100 m is the length each person has to swim.

I think the aim of this event is to try hard and do the best you can. To win you’ll have to listen to  your teammates and work with them. You also have to be fast, have strength and also have stamina.

A swim cap and a swim suit (Speedos or Jons), is what Medley Relay swimmers wear. Swim caps keeps your hair out of the way, and also reduces drag.This interesting event is done in a 50m pool, and the competitors are separated by the lanes.

Medley Relay swimmers have to be strong, and fit. Exercise is a very important thing to do. These kind of people at this level is likely to be in the pool 6 days a week, and about 6 hours a day. They will also be having a balanced diet, to keep up with their swimming.

I think that this event is interesting because, I would like to see the four different strokes done by a famous Medley Relay swimmer.

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