Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Extreme Holiday

Can you guess where I went in the first week of the holidays, well I went to an event which was the Easter Show.

The first boring ride I went on with my cousin was the dragon, it was so boring that I was about to fall asleep. It just went around in circles every single time. I really didn’t enjoy it.

Finally my cousin and I went on a really exciting ride, can you guess what it was called? If you don’t know that’s alright because I don’t know either. This ride went fast and tilted, it also went backwards and thats when I got scared.

When the ride finished we went on another ride called the Graviton, I didn’t want to go on it, but I had to because my cousin wasn’t allowed on by him self. We spun around and around and around I was so dizzy. When we got off I felt like puking but I didn’t, if I was to go on another ride like the pirate ship I would have puked.

It was time to go home because it was getting very late, we were also very tired. We travelled in a van to Carls Jr and had something to eat. Then my nana drove us back home. When I got home I went straight to sleep.

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  1. Hi Taeshell,

    It was really fun when we went to the Royal Easter Show, My favourite ride was the Super Loop. It was really scary but fun at the same time. I really had fun with Doctor, Nana, Vaine, baba, Filipe, Rafaela and auntie Numia's kids and you. Carls Joniors was delicious.

    Keep up the good work