Friday, March 2, 2012

A Week In The Life Of Taeshell A Year 6 Student

Every Monday morning I wake up at 6.30am or 7.00am, I’m always waking up feeling half asleep. I get up, get changed and have breakfast, by the time I finish my breakfast it’s time to walk to school. As soon as my sisters and I get there the second bell rings. At class (room 17) normally our first subject is writing, then reading and then the bell rings for morning tea.

After morning tea we have quick 20, then we go to the Library, we have to get 2 book’s (one to read at school and one to read at home). When we come back from the Library we have lunch, for most people lunch is their favourite thing at school. After playing and eating we finish off our work that we couldn’t finish before morning tea time, when we finish that we sometimes have a little game just before home-time.

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