Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Can you guess what my favorite activity was at camp? Well if you guessed kayaking you are right.

I like kayaking because I recon it is fun, Dhara and I was on the same kayak until, Mr Burt said that we had to go on a single kayak. When I first went on the single kayak I was panicking, I thought that I was going fall into the water.

Suddenly I said to myself " this is actually fun". So I kept on paddling and paddling until I had to hop off the kayak. I didn't want to leave but, we had to.


  1. Hi Tashell,
    Great story I loved it.... You have added a lot of detail to your story.... Your sentence beginnings was a fantastic and awesome....

  2. Hey Taeshell ,
    Great Story you have there , you have awesome sentences and you have even added detail which makes it even better.I just wish that you wrote more because it is so interesting.
    Keep Up Your Good Work!!!