Monday, July 28, 2014

My Relaxing Holiday

Staying over at my auntie’s house during the holidays was honestly enjoyable. It all started with a movie night at her house along with my 5 cousins, my two uncles, my auntie, my siblings and me. I heard my ringtone and raced into my room with the song “Maria, Maria”. I hurried over to answer it, and it was my auntie. She kindly asked if we would be interested in coming over to her house. My response was obviously “YES!” “We will also be having nothing but junk food”, she replied. Our conversation finished and I scurried down the hallway to tell my Dad about the news. It was a yes from my Dad and also a definite yes from my Mum. My opinion is that my Mum just wanted us to go away for a little while, and this was her opportunity.

I ran into my room, snatched my bag from the corner and zipped it open. My siblings had already got the news and was packing their bags as well. Rapidly opening my drawer I pulled anything that I could find out and stuffed it in my bag. Excitement rushed through my veins. Finally we were all ready, but first of all we had to wait for my auntie and uncle to get here. 5-10 minutes passed by until they finally arrived. Pushing a shoving, I ultimately made my way out the front door. I cautiously walked down the steps and sprinted to the car, trying to beat my siblings. We all jumped into the car and sped off.

At first we went to pizza hut and ordered 8 pizzas and while they were getting made we decided to go to Pak N Save. All we mainly bought was junk food and more junk food. Chocolate, chips, drinks, pop corn, chocolate biscuits and other sweet food was on the list. We paid for our things and made our way back to the car. Back to Pizza Hut we went, and then finally drove all the way to my auntie’s house. When we arrived I felt relieved,  and quickly sauntered towards the front door. As I entered a warm wave struck me. It was time for us to eat.

Drinks, chips and pizza were on the table waiting to be eaten. We all sat around the table and had a feed. When we were finished eating we tidied up, relaxed and watched T.v for a short amount of time. Unfortunately we did not watch a movie. But instead we played on the Xbox, we went onto the laptop, watched T.v, helped cook some yummy dinner and played all sorts of fun games. The first night passed and I was exhausted.

As for the second day it wasn’t that good. The weather played up and it was raining. If it wasn’t raining we would’ve been out for the whole day. But during that time we just stayed home. As we got on with our day, it was basically the same as yesterday. There was still some pizza left from last night. But I wanted something else. Instead I decided to have Coco Pops along with sliced bananas and pears. I was quite enjoyable and most of all delightful. It came to around 8:00 pm and it was time for us to head home. I packed up my bags and headed for the front door. I jumped in the car buckled up my seat belt and we all began our journey home. I sat curled up at the back seat waiting quietly for us to make our arrival. Finally I felt the car come to a steady paste, so I peeked out the window and we were parked right outside my house. With exhaustion I stood up carefully and took one step out of the car, followed with another and another. Until I was inside, but on the other hand I was also very tired. I didn’t have enough time to tell my parents about how fun it was, because I was totally drowsy. It was just great spending sometime with my family.

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