Monday, February 10, 2014

A Day At The Pools

During my holidays I went to the Glen Innes Pools with my friend Cheyanne. I kept on asking my mum for quite a while, “Can I go to the pools with Cheyanne?”. Finally I got a yes from her and I was off walking down to the Glen Innes pools.

I couldn't resist just jumping into the cold pool because it was a really sunny day, especially walking from my house all the way to the pools. Power walking out of the changing rooms I dumped my bag in one of the cupboards then ran to my friend Cheyanne, who was waiting by the side of the pool.

While I quickly ran to my friend I almost slipped but I quickly pulled myself back up. It was awkward because I thought everyone saw that happen to me. But luckily no-one was looking. Eventually I completely forgot about it and carried on walking to where Cheyanne was.

It was time to go and it was already 5.30 so out of the pool we went and into the changing rooms. We really didn't want to leave especially when we were having fun. But we left the pools anyways.

Overall my day at the pools was pretty good. Except for that one little slip that could of turned my day into not so great. What I learnt from this was to never run alongside the pool.

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