Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Swimming Lessons At The YMCA Pools

Guess where Rooms seventeen and fifteen went? Well we went to the YMCA pools. When room fifteen heard that we were going swimming most of them said “YES”, but the rest went “OH”! When the day had come to go swimming almost everybody brought their togs including me. Then Mr Marks said that we have to go all the way to the breeze and wait there quietly so we did. Finally Miss Garden said, “if you think that you are confident and would be able to swim in the deep pool then you can go to Mr Marks”. “If you think that you are not that confident then you stay where you are sitting”. Most of the people were not that confident but Miss Garden put some of the people in the confident side anyway. Finally we got to walk all the way to the YMCA swimming pools. I was walking with Ane, Quziyah and Saadiya they are mostly my best friends. At last we got to the pools and I was so excited. I smelt the chlorine and the chemicals, then Miss Garden said that we can go and get changed in the changing rooms. When we had finished getting into our togs, Ane, Saadiya and I went to the leisure pool and we shoved our plastic bags in the cubbyhole and walked off to the showers. “Saadiya!” I said to her as I was having my shower, “lets go” so we walked as fast as we could to the leisure pool and Miss Garden got us to find a space on the side of the pool. We had to sit down and put our feet in the water. “The water feels nice and warm”, I said to Saadiya. At last Miss Garden said that we can hop in the pool and that was when I was so excited I just jumped straight in. First we had to show Miss Garden our big circles with our arms and that was because we were trying to freestyle, it was so much fun. In the pool we had to swim all the way to the other side then get out and come back around and jump back in the pool. When it was my turn I had butter-flies in my stomach but I knew I would have to concentrate. I couldn't even touch the bottom of the pool it was too deep, but I kicked off the side of the pool and swam all the way to the other side. When I made it to the end I felt tired but proud of myself. We had four turns each. We also had to do some swimming lessons by using the flutter board. Then we had to hop out of the pool and get our plastic bag and of course we had to walk to the changing rooms and get changed. When the time had come to get out of the leisure pool I didn't want to get out because it was so warm, but Miss Garden said that we had to get out. When I got out I was dripping wet and I was also freezing cold but I still went to get changed. Saadiya and I walked all the way and got changed. When I had finished getting dressed I did my hair and went to the seats to watch the other group swim. I said to Saadiya, “this day was so cool.” The thing that I really liked was trying to freestyle and the hardest thing that was so tiring was putting my head up to breath. Next when we all had finished getting changed my class and I went outside to catch some air and this other teacher was just seeing if anybody else was in the girls changing room. Finally we got everyone outside and Room fifteen started walking back to school, we got near the school gates and when we just got to class we got out our lunch and ate it while we were watching a movie about dominoes. Mr Marks said that we are going to do that on Friday and so we did.


  1. Hi Pantz

    It sounds like you had a great time at the Y.M.C.A pools. When we went to the pools I learnt a lot too. My favourite part at swimming was learning how to free style.
    Keep up the great work and awesome pictures.


  2. Hi Taeshell
    great story about swimming at YMCA pools
    keep it up.