Monday, May 26, 2014

Echolocation Explanation

Echolocation is a type of communication that certain animals use. This process is very unique and some mammals use it to help them survive, whether its in the forest or in the ocean. This explanation is going to tell you what echolocation is.

Where do the echoes go? Mammals that use echolocation basically rely on their ears, because their eyesight is not as good as their senses and hearing.  Bats are nocturnal, they sleep during the day and are awake at night time. As they fly through the air they use echolocation to help guide them. Bats have a type of noise that they make. They do this because they have poor eyesight and need to find their way around objects. When they make a sound it echos,  if that particular sound comes back to them then that means there something ahead of them.  Bats use sound to see, they also use echolocation to guide them through the forest and to avoid obstacles.

What is  echolocation, why is it used? Echolocation is a sort of transmission. This unique process is incredibly important to mammals that utilize it. There are many different reasons of why they use this type of communication. It helps them to, avoid obstacles, seek for water, catch their prey,  refrain from predators,  navigate, hunt and to interact with the environment. As Bats awake at night time the set out to hunt for food. While there out they have to keep a look out for predators. For them to figure out whether there’s something in front or around them they produce a sound.  It has to be loud enough for them to hear it, if it bounces back to them. If it does they pick up the sound with their really sensitive ears.

Try yelling in a cave and see if you can hear your echo, because that’s exactly what mammals that utilize echolocation do. If certain mammals didn't have the capability to use this very distinctive process called echolocation, it would change their lives. They wouldn’t be able to catch their prey, avoid obstacles, abstain from predators or do anything that they could do if they had that kind of ability.

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